About Us

BarbieHouseBoutique was a thought brought to reality in July 2023. A small thought that started in April of 2023 and launched later that year. A small online shopping boutique with a different variety of clothing. We started BarbieHouse after being released from the hospital, with being on bed rest we had a good bit of time in our hands. Again a thought brought to reality, opening up BarbieHouse was unexpected. So let me tell you a bit about us!

 "Hello everyone, I am Karin Sanchez. The face behind BarbieHouseBoutique! I am a 20 year old Mexican American. I was born and raised in a small town in South Georgia. The way I discovered my business as well as the name happened in a moment of unexpected inspiration during a very hard challenging time.

As I stated earlier this idea came from being in the hospital. (A little about that, I was admitted into the hospital for an inflamed colon. It was on the verge of busting! Scary right?!) I found myself with ample time. As I began jotting down ideas the name BarbieHouseBoutique stood out to me the most. This unique and catchy name perfectly encapsulates my vision for my boutique. My story inspires me proves that great ideas can be born in the most unexpected moments.

I've dreamt of owning my own business, but I never had the courage to make it a reality. Just thinking of the negatives but never the positives. Thinking I would fail if I pursued my dream. I wanted to give up, I was stressed. Trying to find the right vendors, giving my clothes names, having to make my website from scratch with no help it was a challenge. I was about to give up, but my sister didn’t let that happen. She gave me the push I needed. Because of her encouragement, I finally took the leap and opened up my own business. It's been an incredible journey so far and I'm so grateful for all the support. Here's to chasing dreams and making them come true!" 🎉